About Us

home-banner-2‘A highly specialised and experienced department of the highly regarded Sydney Legal Practice, the Sydney Conveyancing team operates across our Sydney, Parramatta and North Shore offices to ensure a smooth, continuous service for our customers. Whether your matter is a sale or a purchase, we take the utmost care to meet our client’s expectations with the highest level of excellence and a genuine commitment to quality.

With so many parties involved in a transaction, the buying and selling of properties can become a complex procedure. With Sydney Conveyancing however, you can rest easy in the knowledge that we will work tirelessly to simplify the process and facilitate a smooth transition. At Sydney Conveyancing we provide a seamless service from beginning to end, always taking care to keep you informed of the progress of your matter.

Our competitive pricing structure is designed to give you peace of mind in engaging in the conveyancing process with our representation. We charge one upfront price, upon acceptance of which we undertake to perform all necessary services to attain a successful conclusion for your matter. We do not believe in extra fees, hidden costs or unexpected overheads.

Our conveyancing services are extensive and range to include giving advice for first time home buyers and sellers, guidance on mortgages, making inquiries for property auctions and even gaining financing for your transaction. Upon engaging our services, you will be assigned one solicitor to personally manage your matter from beginning to end with the loyalty and professionalism associated with Sydney Conveyancing.’