Sydney Conveyancing maintains strong relationships with a number of reputable brokers who are able to assist you with refinancing for your purchase as well as liaising with a number of established lenders to assist you in gaining a competitive loan from the outset. Indeed, due to the condition of the global financial markets, our brokers can currently offer you a unique deal to assist you with any form of financing for your purchase.

While the unfortunate state of the current economic climate and the high unemployment rates may seem to create an unnerving atmosphere in which to be borrowing from the banks, we are pleased to inform you that it is this very environment which is serving to ensure that the banks must in fact compete for your business. Indeed, with some banks presently offering free advice, a free valuation, an increase to your limit and a better structure for your loan, you ought to be concerned if you are still paying a variable rate of 5% or more!

Thankfully, when it comes to choosing the right product for you with regard to the circumstances of your purchase, or making the difficult decision between whether to keep your borrowings at a fixed or a variable rate, Sydney Legal Practice are here to provide you with the personalised expert advice you need. Experience for yourself the convenience of a generated Modelled Valuation Estimate and the confidence that comes with knowing that we can provide you with the most recent products and the largest rate discounts available today in the market.

We value your business just as much as the banks do. As proof, if you wish to find out how to unlock the equity in your property, find the best current discount rate and restructure your loan, offset and credit card, you can now for a limited time only make an appointment for a free consultation and take advantage of an $500 rebate by calling us on (02) 8355 3788

We look forward to hearing from you.